An elderly deafblind man with an intervenor

An intervenor is professionally trained to provide auditory and visual information to persons who are deafblind.

Acting as the eyes and ears, the intervenor provides information about the environment and surrounding circumstances to the person who is deafblind, as the individual would otherwise be unable to access this information for him/herself due to dual sensory loss.

An intervenor also acts as an interpreter-guide. Using various modes of communication, an intervenor provides opportunities for persons who are deafblind to gain independence, pursue goals, have control over their own life and interact with their environment.

RCA Intervenor Services

Consumers who live at RCA have access to one-to-one intervenor services every day for up to 24.5 hours per week. In addition, an On-Duty intervenor is on-site 24 hours a day to provide access to information, and safety and security for the building.

Outreach Intervenor Services

Intervenors are also available for up to 24 hours per week to individuals who are deafblind and who live out in the community.

Emergency Intervenor Services

This service is available for consumers of the agency who receive regular intervenor services. An emergency encompasses a hospital emergency, as well as any emergency that requires the services of the police, fire, social services or emergency veterinary services. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Emergencies can involve the consumer or a member of the consumer’s immediate family (i.e. child, spouse, parents, brothers and sisters or service animal).