CHKC training centre

Canadian Helen Keller Training Centre Programming

Core programs at CHKC are skills of daily living (cooking, cleaning, home organization, shopping, personal finance, grooming, etc.), computer essentials/technical devices, adapted communication (sign language, 2-hand manual), braille and orientation and mobility (safe travel). Intervenor services are offered through a staff intervenor when necessary.

Individualized classes are provided at the centre 7 days a week between the hours of 9am and 10pm. Services are also provided in people’s homes because learning in the home is sometimes more effective.

Residential programming is offered to consumers who live outside of Toronto and who require intensive training designed to provide maximum learning in a set timeline based on the consumer’s learning goals and learning style.

All of CHKC’s services are flexible but they depend on finding experienced instructors and Intervenors who can communicate in the student’s preferred communication style. Each student has different interests and access/learning needs, so classes are provided one-on-one.

CHKC also supports seniors who have become deafblind by working directly with seniors who live in supported environments and in the community. CHKC also provides training to people who work with seniors. Seniors learn to live more safely and independently. Staff learn to identify functional deafblindness, improve communication skills and make environments and activities more accessible. Through these services, CHKC is increasing awareness about deafblindness and is helping people to develop coping skills.