Helen Landow smiles at the camera.
Oct 28

Honouring Helene Landow

Helen Landow smiles at the camera.CHKC is proud to honour Helene Landow with the 2020 Volunteer Award. Consumers have had the pleasure of benefiting from her volunteer work for several years now.

After retiring in 2013, Helene, now 88 years strong, was looking for meaningful volunteer work. She learned about CHKC during a Breakfast Television segment in 2014 and wanted to help.

Helene founded the Knitting Club, bringing together several consumers bi-weekly. The club makes scarves, slippers, fingerless mittens and shawls to name a few. To better communicate with consumers, Helene has also taken ASL classes at the CHKC Training Centre. She has demonstrated a keen interest in the deafblind community.

Thank you to Helene for taking the time to volunteer for CHKC. Your consistent dedication and commitment to consumers and the Knitting Club is invaluable. We appreciate everything you have done for us!