CHKC Executive Director Jennifer Robbins stares out of a window in her offices at RCA.
Oct 28

Message for Jennifer Robbins on behalf of CHKC

CHKC Executive Director Jennifer Robbins stares out of her office window at RCA.

Photo Courtesy of Justin Greaves/Torstar

The Leadership Team and staff at CHKC would like to thank our fearless leader Jennifer Robbins for her tireless work during COVID-19. No one could have anticipated that on March 16 all of our lives would change in an instant.

Jennifer has rose to the challenge repeatedly to support consumers and staff, to advocate on behalf of our front-line workers, to problem solve solutions on a daily basis, to confront challenges head on and to offer cheer when it is needed.

It can’t be stated enough, she is our fearless leader, and CHKC is in a strong place because of her. On behalf of everyone at CHKC, the board, Leadership Team, intervenors, consumers, we thank you Jennifer sincerely, for rising to the challenge every single day.