Nov 24

CHKC’s future vision is in plain sight

Canadian Helen Keller Centre has a bold plan to build an eight to nine story building, with 70 residential units, 35 of which would be for affordable housing, of which 13 would be for CHKC’s immediate deafblind consumer housing needs.

The ground floor would be for rented community space with the second floor, and possibly a third floor, being rented as office or retail space.

CHKC would rent some space for offices and to replace our current training facility with a more functional layout that can be expanded in the future.

The rental income from market rate residential units, affordable housing units, parking, community rental space and office or retail rental space would pay for the development of this project.

Why are we doing this?

This development will result in the renewal and renovation of our affordable housing for our deafblind community. Specifically, we are looking to:


  • consumer vacancies and activity spaces
  • rental space for an office or retail to capitalize on higher rent
  • resources for our training center


  • new spaces that will allow for the integration of emerging new technologies and expand our ability to provide affordable housing


  • the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations
  • the healing environment for our deafblind consumers
  • teaching, resources, and administrative space

We look forward to sharing our journey of redevelopment with you.

1250 Eglinton Ave. W.

Housing Now is a City of Toronto initiative, which will donate land to a qualified charity for the development of affordable rental housing. CHKC believes that we would be a great fit for this opportunity as it aligns perfectly with our organization’s future while solving a direct need for our deafblind consumers.

The building has a number of key features that makes it appealing for CHKC.

  1. CHKC would retain 13 single bedroom units to address the needs of our current waiting list. The advantage of having the whole building is that as our demand for our deafblind housing increases, we could add to our units as vacancies materialize.
  2. To help fund this building, CHKC could have to sell the current Training Centre on Empress Ave. CHKC would retain 6,000 sq. ft. of office space for the creation of a new Training Centre with additional offices and facilities.
  3. Office or retail space, totaling approximately 9,000 sq. ft., would be rented out to help pay for the building. Smaller units, which allow us to capitalize on higher rent, would be used. As CHKC is able to grow, we could continue to expand into that office space as it became available.
  4. Community space on the ground floor would be rented to also help pay for the building’s development. There is approximately 9,000 sq. ft. available and split between two to four units.
  5. Regular Affordable Housing Rentals would account for the remaining 35 units allocated to affordable housing.
  6. Market Rate Rentals would comprise of 35 units, primarily located on the upper levels of the building.
  7. For common elements, there would be a rooftop patio, gardens, gym with change rooms, and a party room.

All rental income generated would be utilized to pay for the development of the building. After 25 years, and with the mortgage paid off, the rental income could then be used for increasing CHKC’s training and office space or paying for additional CHKC rental housing units.

$10,000,000: Fundraising Goal

Our goal is to raise $10 million to help fund the development of the building, expand our Training Centre, and increase the number of affordable units CHKC can make available.

Toronto Initiative: Housing Now

The Housing Now initiative is investing City-owned lands across Toronto to build affordable housing and mixed-income, livable communities near transit.

The property at 1250 Eglinton Ave. is one of the first 11 properties to be auctioned off and will be exclusively for a charity to develop. The property has been identified as being able to accommodate 70 residential rental units, with 50% being for affordable housing rentals, and 10% of affordable units being offered at 40% below CHMC’s average market rent for Toronto.