Jan 19

Questions & Answers: New Residential Building

Note: The information below is evolving and subject to change. As CHKC continues to grow, we must meet the needs of the deafblind community, including more affordable housing. Please continue to monitor for developing news.

1. What is the Housing Now Initiative? Housing Now is a City of Toronto initiative, which will donate land to a qualified charity for the development of affordable rental housing. CHKC believes that we would be a great fit for this opportunity as it aligns perfectly with our organization’s future while solving a direct need for our deafblind consumers.

2. Is the 1250 Eglinton Ave. property the only building under consideration for construction? The property at 1250 Eglinton Ave. is one of the first 11 properties to be auctioned off exclusively for a charity to develop. The property has been identified as being able to accommodate 70 residential rental units, with 50% being for affordable housing rentals, and 10% of affordable units being offered at 40% below average market rent for Toronto. However, it is not the only building under consideration.

3. What about the 3175-3181 Sheppard Ave E. property? Good question. On December 16, 2020 CHKC was able to temporarily secure the property at this location. We have 60 days, from December 16, to walk away from the deal with no financial penalties. The deal is to close on March 31, 2021. The asking price was $8.8 million, but CHKC secured it for $7.6 million. We should hear back from the City of Toronto soon.

4. Will residents from RCA have to move? No. When plans are finalized and the building is under development residents at 422 Willowdale Ave. can apply to move to the new property at However, residents of RCA are not guaranteed a unit in the new property.

5. Will the units at the new residential property be the same size as the RCA units? No. Most likely, the new units will be smaller, but will still be fully accessible and affordable.

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