Sep 29

JT Award Winner – Bonnie Heath

2022 JT Award Winner, Bonnie Heath

2021 JT Award Winner, Bonnie Heath

The JT Award recognizes significant contributions to the Canadian deafblind community by a deserving individual, consumer group or service provider who has demonstrated excellence in at least one of the categories of Awareness, Expansion and Involvement of individuals who are deafblind at all levels.

Joyce Thompson was awarded the JuneFest Award of Excellence in 2010. Thereafter, in her honour, the award was re-named the JT Award. 

This year’s JT Award was presented to Bonnie Heath.

There are certain people within our field of intervenor services that stand out and are known throughout the country as leaders in our profession; Bonnie Heath is one of those people.

Bonnie is someone who exemplifies the philosophy of ‘do with, not for’ and ‘nothing about us, without us’. Her respect for people who are deafblind is evident in any venue, with every individual, and this comes by Bonnie naturally and with a lot of heart.

She is an incredible role model with an amazing, respectful attitude, a professional demeanor, a dedicated worker, a true leader (who allows others to shine with her support) and a friendly, caring nature.

Bonnie was there from dawn to dusk assisting as needed; interpreter, SSP, coordinator,guide, or friend while taking time to fulfill any responsibilities she had with her work at the E-Quality Communications Centre of Excellence (ECCOE) and the Resource Centre for Manitobans who are Deaf-Blind (RCMDB).

Bonnie has given back to the field in many ways and wants to ensure that new interpreters and SSP’s entering our profession are supported and trained to do their best. Bonnie along with her colleague and friend Jane Sayer have taught at the Red River College Interpreter program and this year, she will be entering retirement.

A resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba it is CHKC’s honor to present Bonnie with the 2021 JT Award.